Documentary Short

The Coconut

An intimate family portrait that follows the misadventures of twenty-two year old Shani Banerjee, a struggling artist who repeatedly goes against the wishes of her family in order to carve out a career for herself in the music industry. Torn between her dream to record an album and the financial burdens of finishing her education, Shani decides to drop out of university to write music and gain “life” experience. Moving back home she finds herself faced with more familial obligations than she had at university. Her father has lost his job, and her mother, who has Multiple Sclerosis, is paralyzed from the neck down and completely dependent on home care. As Shani desperately tries to follow her dreams, the relationships in her life begin to unravel and music becomes a reflection of the responsibilities that she cannot escape.

Omni Cultural Diversity Award (2009)
Nimisha Mukerji
Omni Cultural Diversity Award, Super Channel Documentary Award


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