Television Pilot


8 X 30′



Would you pursue your dream at the cost of everything you loved?

New Country is a single camera, half-hour dramedy that begins when the musical talents of a South Asian medical student are discovered by a major record label, 22-year-old Shay Chatterjee is forced to choose between the expectations of her immigrant parents and her dream of becoming a country star. 

The show is a witty and uplifting fusion of Nashville meets The Mindy Project that captures the resilience of the immigrant experience. The humour will arise from the juxtaposition of Shay and her traditional family as they navigate the country music industry. The first season will follow Shay as she progressively fights her way up the ranks at Boxcutter Studios to become a singer/songwriter in her own right. In one episode Shay must step into the producer’s role of managing the musicians and artists on a single and discovers that creating a “hit track” is harder than it looks.

We have the support of Warner Media Discovery’s 150 Artists Program and Creative BC and a completed pilot, series deck and demo. We are looking to find an experienced Canadian production company to partner with as to continue development and help complete the packaging.

At its core, New Country explores what it means to be a “Westerner.”

New Country was created by Nimisha Mukerji and Mark Ratzlaff. Mukerji is a DGA director known for hit series like Virgin River, Gotham Knights and the up-coming Hulu limited series Under The Bridge. Mark has written on shows for Amazon Studios, PBS and HBO. Both are Leo Award winning writers and producers and their work has garnered multiple CSA and DGC nominations. 


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