Feature Documentary

Blood Relative

Nominated for 4 Canadian Screen Award Nominations, Blood Relative is a cinema verite documentary that follows the remarkable story of Indian activist Vinay Shetty as he fights to save the lives of children who are dying from the blood disease Thalassemia. As a result of not being able to afford the life-saving medication, fourteen year old Divya and twenty-four year old Imran have severely stunted growth and remain trapped in the bodies of children. Chronicling Vinay’s battle against the Indian government to get Divya and Imran free medical treatment, the film gets unprecedented access into modern India’s broken healthcare system. Caught in the middle are Vinay and the children he must look after who are bound together by ties stronger than blood.

Nimisha Mukerji
Journeyman Pictures
Broadcasting Partners:
Knowledge Network and CTS
Awards and Festivals:
3 CSA Nominations: Donald Brittain Award, Best Director & Best Editing. Leo
Best Feature Documentary, Audience Award Best Documentary Feature: Vancouver International Film Festival, Jury Award Best Film: SAIFF NYC (presented by HBO) & Audience Award Best Film, Winner Best Film: Festival Enfances dans le monde (Paris), WinnerBest International Documentary: Afghanistan Human Rights Festival, Hot Docs International Film Festival (In Competition)
“Everyone should see this film...Chances are you’ll be talking about it for a while.”


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